We are a full-service stand-building company for sustainable modular exhibition stands in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. We facilitate and support companies with our knowledge, expertise and digital capabilities. Our professional guidance and exhibition services will help you with a successful and cost-efficient trade show participation.

We deliver a total concept. This means that you can specify exactly what you need for your stand and exhibition. Based on your request, one of our project managers will contact you and provide a personalised proposal based on your requirements. Our total concept ensures that you can tell a striking story and provide your business contacts with a great trade fair experience.

2Fair is a no-nonsense organisation with a strict hands-on mentality and a strong sustainable character. The materials we use are developed with an eye on recycling processes and reusability. 

How we work
  1. You rent a complete stand.
  2. You get the best materials and do not have to assemble anything yourself.
  3. Our Assembly Team will do this for you with high-quality service, so that you can focus on other things: providing a good event for your company with a reliable partner.
  4. We deliver the best quality at the right price, we are efficient, transparent and above all we are there for you.

Broad experience

With over 15 years of experience in congresses and trade fairs, we know how important it is to start a trade fair without stress and worries. This is the only way to guarantee a successful trade fair. 
Would you like to know more? Go to our knowledge page and visit the various white papers and checklists for more information.

Our total concept is more than a stand

Besides a stand, you probably have more wishes, such as plants for a pleasant green environment, lampshade for a more intimate atmosphere, digital solutions, a filled refrigerator to take care of your customers and a hostess who will give your visitors a friendly welcome.

Our simple ordering module allows you to find all possibilities and you are only one click away from a complete solution for your trade fair participation. You tell us what you want and we will arrange it. 


We keep you informed at every stage of the project. Our team of specialists works proactively and informs you of the progress. All items are always ready on time, checked and validated by us when they are finally delivered.

Sustainable stand construction

2Fair works sustainably. All our exhibition stands are built with modular frames, so they are reusable. All textiles are recyclable and thus sustainably produced. For example, the textile cloths are made of 60% PET bottles and, after use, they are taken back into production to be processed into new products such as clothing, bags and sails. We not only think circularly, we also do circularly.
In this way, we help to create a cleaner and better world and also reduce the waste mountain after trade fairs

The Team 

2Fair works with an enthusiastic and committed professional team, consisting of professional partners and freelancers. Our Assembly Team is our pride. They are always representative and helpful. They do everything to make your successful trade fair participation possible. Our entire team thinks with you, goes the extra mile and hands your stand over in a tidy state.

We regard all our projects as reference projects. We have already ensured successful participation in trade fairs for many organisations and your project is a case we also need to be proud of. 

2Fair understands better than anyone how important it is to start a trade fair or event without stress, because you have other things on your mind. Our entire service is geared to this - to make it as easy for you as possible. This starts with our clear and comprehensive website, the options, the personalisation for your specific company, the knowledge transfer, the order lists, the clear delivery specifications and the user-friendly working documents.


We look forward to making a personal appointment and are ready to discuss together with you at your specific requirements for a fantastic trade fair participation.


Do you think that you fit in with our team? 

Then contact us today for an informal discussion over a cup of coffee.  

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