Working together with 2FAIR means sustainable participation in trade shows.

Every day, 2FAIR is busy providing services to clients who want to participate sustainably in a trade show or congress. Our services contribute to the realisation of our clients' goals and objectives.

We have set ourselves the goal: "To make the world a little more beautiful every day". We do this by looking at the effect of our contribution on the environment. By organising our processes efficiently and pursuing a zero-waste policy, we can produce a minimum amount of waste for each stand. This minimises the impact on the environment and reduces the waste mountain after the trade show considerably.


In order to realise our objectives, we have developed the sustainability wheel.

For 2FAIR, the sustainability wheel is the method to monitor, manage and adjust the effect of our work. The wheel is used to encourage sustainability within the organisation in the areas: Processes, Society, People, Waste processing, CO2 emissions, Circular and Knowledge. Each part has several indicators, which measure both quantitatively and qualitatively the sustainability of 2FAIR. This wheel shows us the way to a green organisation and a better environment.  

We strive to achieve the best results using as few resources as possible. We use these means as often as possible. Where it is not possible to reuse resources, such as graphics and banners, we have made them circular. This means that these materials are then offered to our suppliers, who make new products from them. 


We only build modular with aluminium frames.

These frames are very light and can be put together quickly. Our processes are efficiently organised. This is evident in our storage and transport. It enables us to combine orders and products and limits the number of transport movements.

Based on our sustainability principle, our stand frames are exclusively rented. We have no stock. The frames are delivered by our partner when they are needed. This means they are used optimally and you are guaranteed the best material.


Our full colour printed decoration textile are made from 100% recycled PET bottles or PVC free panels.

After the exhibition, all the fabrics and panels are collected and returned to the factory again. Here, they are processed into a semi-finished product. With the collected materials, new applications are produced such as: clothing and bags. All our materials are packed with PVC-free material such as cardboard and textile, which we re-use multiple times.

2FAIR makes important choices in three areas: 

increasing value with the least possible use of resources.

  • Our frames can only be rented, and all our exhibition stands are built in a modular way. This way, the materials are used optimally. After all, they are reusable.
  • We only use aluminium frames for modular stand construction. This means that no professional tools and/or disposable fastening materials are needed.
  • All textile cloths are made from 100% PET bottles and are separated from residual waste and recycled after the exhibition.
  • All panels are made of PVC free material and are separated from residual waste and recycled after the trade show.
  • Our suppliers are evaluated annually, and new suppliers are fully screened for their conduct as a reliable and sustainable business partner before we engage them.
  • Our printers use only inks with the Nordic-Swan Ecolabel.
  • We only use electrically powered vehicles.

Continuously Improving processes.

  • All processes are efficient, yet we have set ourselves the goal of scrutinising one process every month and optimising it further where necessary.
  • The entire process is streamlined with the use of QR codes. This way, all data is available to everyone.
  • We are LEAN. All our processes are optimised, standardised and, where possible, automated. This ensures that the efficiency of the processes is maximised and we have reduced our error margins to a minimum.
  • If an error is made, there is complete transparency, because it is an opportunity to make our processes even better.


Minimising waste.

  • If there is waste, we separate it.
  • Our packing and unpacking policy is environmentally conscious.
  • We do not use plastic packaging materials but mainly use reusable packaging materials.
  • All our technicians strictly observe the policy of minimising waste.
  • We communicate only digitally and use a paperless office.
  • We ensure recycling and reuse of: the frames; the furniture; the graphics; the carpet and the presentation material.

🌱️ Together, we work towards a sustainable event industry.